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Smash Bros. Profile: Fox
Fox McCloud, the leader of the Lylat system’s very own StarFox, makes his third appearance in the Super Smash Bros. Series. But now that he’s out of his Arwing, can Fox still defeat his enemies?
Standard Special: Blaster
Side Special: Fox Illusion
Up Special: Fire Fox
Down Special: Reflector
Fox’s speed and moves have stayed the same since Melee, but now in a completely updated suit, Fox users in Melee can pick him up and play him almost immediately!
Fox is a quick character, along with having quick hitting moves. Keep enemies up in the air by using Fox’s agility and keep them from landing attacks on you! Be careful when around the edges of stages, Fox falls very quickly despite his speed saying otherwise! A quick thing to remember is that when using your Up Special, you can control which way it goes by tilting the control stick in the direction you wish to go in.
Fox has plenty of moves to keep dea
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Link Sketch by SmashBrothersClub Link Sketch :iconsmashbrothersclub:SmashBrothersClub 0 0 SBClub ID: runner-up by SmashBrothersClub SBClub ID: runner-up :iconsmashbrothersclub:SmashBrothersClub 1 2 SBClub ID by SmashBrothersClub SBClub ID :iconsmashbrothersclub:SmashBrothersClub 0 0 SSBB: Pit Versus Snake by SmashBrothersClub SSBB: Pit Versus Snake :iconsmashbrothersclub:SmashBrothersClub 0 0
SSBB Smash Profile: Pit
Pit is the protagonist in the series, Kid Icarus. Using Palutena’s bow, Pit was able to free her from the evil clutches of Medusa, and bring rule back to the Goddess he was so loyal to. Fans clamored for his appearance in a Smash game, and their yells have been answered!  
Standard Special: Palutena’s Arrow
Side Special: Angel Ring
Up Special: Wings of Icarus
Down Special: Mirror Shield
Pit has two mid-air jumps (opposed to one for many) that you can utilize in battles. Perfect for getting back on the stage, Pit can glide once you perform his first mid-air jump, then tap left and right on the control stick to link it into a glide. Remember that you cannot change your direction, and you can stall if try to pull up without any momentum.
Pit is a rather speedy character. His attacks consist mostly of combo dealing attacks and short jabs if he attacks in the air. While using the standard special move, Palutena’s Arrow, Pit ca
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SSBB Profile: P. Trainer
The Pokémon Trainer makes his way into the Brawl! With three different allies by his side, The Trainer will do whatever it takes to bring home the gold!
Down Special: Pokémon Change
Standard Special: Water Gun
Side Special: Withdraw
Up Special: Waterfall
Standard Special: Bullet Seed
Side Special: Razor Leaf
Up Special: Vine Whip
Standard Special: Flamethrower
Side Special: Rock Smash
Up Special: Fly
The Pokémon Trainer is one of the most interesting characters that you may play as, because he is three fighters! Before starting a match, right at the character select screen, you can choose which character you wish to battle with first. When you use Pokémon change, It shall go in this order: Squirtle > Ivysaur> Charizard, then back to Squirtle. All of them share the same damage meter no matter what. When you have a certain Pokémon out for too long, it will start to get tired. T
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SSBB Smash Profile: Sonic
Sonic is his name; speed is his game! Being the most requested third-party character for Smash Brothers, Sonic moves around at supersonic speeds! No one can keep up with him!
Standard Special: Homing Attack
Side Special: Spin Dash
Up Special: Spring Jump
Down Special: Spin Charge
Since Brawl is the first smash game Sonic has been in, there is not much to say. He has excellent speed, however, and can run faster than Capitan Falcon! With the bunny hood donned, Sonic can run faster than the race machines on the F-Zero stage from Melee, Big Blue. If you remain idle for a brief period, you may see Sonic wag his index finger (possibly from Sonic 1 or 3), or tap his foot (idle animation in early Sonic games).
Sonic has a wide variety of speed moves at your disposal, but his speed compensates for the lack of power he has. He has a lack of powerful smashes as well, so how can one win in a situation like this? Use Sonics’ speed to your advantage by
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SSBB Smash Profile: Link
Link, the legendary Hero of Time makes his third Smash debut. Carrying his traditional green tunic, Master Sword and Hylian Shield, this time around he has been fitted with his duds from the game, Twilight Princess™. Respectively, his specials also have taken the new look as well.
Standard Special: Hero’s Bow
Side Special: Gale Boomerang
Up Special: Spin Attack
Down Special: Bomb
Some new things about Link this time around are his specials. Since they come from Link’s most recent game, Twilight Princess™, they have the same characteristics as well. The Gale Boomerang works like a regular weapon, but as it is coming back, it creates a small whirlwind that enemies can be caught in. This will slightly pull them in towards Link. Link’s rapid jab combo has been removed as well, so people who liked to utilize that attack might be disappointed. Another thing is that Link’s Spin Attack move can now be charged. The more you charge the more damage i
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SSBB Smash Profile: Mario
Surprise, Mario has returned to Smash Brothers to fight again. Making his third appearance in the Smash Series, his jumping ability has never been better! He uses a wide variety of moves to help him stay up on top of his opponents.
Standard Special: Fireball
Side Special: Cape
Up Special: Super Jump Punch
Down Special: F.L.U.D.D.
              Mario hasn't changed all that much since his last appearance in Melee, aside from his overalls, gloves, and hat looking more realistic, his only change is that his down special has been replaced. From the Mario Tornado now to F.L.U.D.D., a helpful tool he used to clean up Isle Delfino in Super Mario Sunshine™. However, Mario still has his original move, but it has been downgraded to an extent. It is his down-air move, and it is weaker than it was back in the previous two games. F.L.U.D.D. is not completely useless, as it pushes opponents around with force,
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Link vs. ZZS by SmashBrothersClub Link vs. ZZS :iconsmashbrothersclub:SmashBrothersClub 0 0 Dr. Snake examines Link's gut by SmashBrothersClub Dr. Snake examines Link's gut :iconsmashbrothersclub:SmashBrothersClub 0 0 Sonic Perverted-ness by SmashBrothersClub
Mature content
Sonic Perverted-ness :iconsmashbrothersclub:SmashBrothersClub 2 0
Link vs. Mario by SmashBrothersClub Link vs. Mario :iconsmashbrothersclub:SmashBrothersClub 1 0 Link -FS- vs. Mario by SmashBrothersClub Link -FS- vs. Mario :iconsmashbrothersclub:SmashBrothersClub 0 0 Kirby Vore by SmashBrothersClub Kirby Vore :iconsmashbrothersclub:SmashBrothersClub 1 0


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Smash Brothers Unite!
United States
Welcome to the SmashBrothersClub! A place dedicated to the first, second, AND third installments of one of the most insane, wackiest action fighters out there that features characters all from Nintendo's history (and more!).

This club has been created by Aregulardude.

I just wish to remind some people of two things, that is all. One, there is absolutely NO favoring of deviations on this club unless it is otherwise mentioned. Make sure your read the Artist's Comments, under the deviation to see if you can favorite it or not. Also. I ask that you people try to note Aregulardude if you care to join. I have a hard time juggling this page with mine, and I tend to overlook this one, which is why the flow of things has been slow/stopped completely. Again, note Aregulardude asking if you wish to join. If you just post on this page, I will simply just hide the comment.   

The SmashBrothersClub is a small community, but hopefully we can grow to be a more expanded club in a while.

First of all, I want to thank any visitors who come to this page.
Now... What is Smash Brothers? It began as a N64 game that was released in 1999 created by Mr. Sakurai, the same man who created the adorable character Kirby. The game featured 12 characters, a small assortment of stages, and a handful of music. However, this game was unique from other fighting games, for it was a 3D game but worked like a 2D game. In addition, life bars were replaced with damage meters, which increased as you took more damage. The higher the meter, the farther you could be knocked-off the screen! It became a classical piece and a sequel was well on its way.

Fast forward to the year 2001. Nintendo releases Super Smash Brothers Melee for the GCN. New character models, even more characters to choose from, more playable stages, and more music than its predecessor, it still maintained the same gameplay the drew fans to the series in the first place. Smash fans wanted another one, and they got what they wanted to hear: A new Smash game.

Super Smash Brothers Brawl, a highly anticipated wii game since many other competing games, will feature 35 characters, including Solid Snake and Sonic the Hedgehog, the first third-party characters in the Smash Brothers Series, a bountiful of stages to choose from including to build your own stages via stage builder, a wide variety of music from the simple remixes of classic Nintendo songs to vocals in many of the music. Now even featuring even more trophies to help represent their series (over 500) stickers have also been thrown in to the game too, which seems to serve no purpose, until you learn that they are power-ups to take on the elite forces of the darkness that reigns in the solo adventure: The Subspace Emissary. Smash balls have been added to the fray as well as vital items to collect. You need to smash one constantly to break it open to release your character's Final Smash, which can range from anything to transformations, to signature moves that almost garuntee an instant KO. Smash Fans have waited for so long, and this is what this club is all about!


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